Green and Tidy make using a gardener as easy and as cost effective as possible. We try our best to remain completely transparent which is why we have no issues in displaying our prices online for everyone to see. Our prices reflect our service and the high standard that we set for ourselves. We are extremely fast at what we do because we have so much experience – we’re dedicated to gardening, extremely hard working and very effective.

Below is a guide to what we charge.

Call Out | £10 – Added to the first hours labour

Labour | £25 – per hour per gardener

Waste Removal | £3 per garden sack, £15 per tonne bag, £100 per van load

*If you do not require us to take the waste away but do need the waste bagged up – we will supply garden waste bags at a cost of £0.20p per sack. We will only use garden sacks that we supply as we know they fit our machines and are good quality. 

Examples of a booking with 1 gardener:

1 Hour – £35 | 2 Hour – £60 | 3 Hour – £85 | 4 Hour – £110 | 5 hour – £135 | 6 Hour – £160 | 7 Hour – £185 | 8 hour – £210

Examples of a booking with 2 gardeners:

1 Hour – £60 | 2 Hour – £110 | 3 Hour – £160 | 4 Hour – £210 | 5 hour – £260 | 6 Hour – £310 | 7 Hour – £360 | 8 hour – £410

*Above prices do not take into account any deals on offer – prices may be less based on a deal being applied

Why not Book Online right now and get a gardener to your door this week from as little as £35. If you would rather speak to a human then give us a call on 0208 289 5440

How Long will I need?

It’s hard to say without seeing the garden so why not send us a picture? Head over to our booking page where you can give us your details and send us an image of your garden. We can then get back to you with a rough idea of how long it will take.

Can you do the job for a fixed price?

Absolutely. If you want us to come out and quote you a fixed price for the job then we’re happy to do so. Note – if we come to your property to see the job we can no longer offer you the booking on a per hour rate….We’ll only be able to work on a fixed price basis. If it’s a really small job – just book for an hour. We’ll get done what we can and then give you a price for the work that can’t be done that day.

How much will the waste removal cost?

We can give you a rough idea if you send us a picture of the garden by using our booking page. If you book we can always just bag the waste up, and when we’ve finished our work we can then give you a price to remove what has been generated. It’s then down to you if you want us to take it away or not. If we have given you a fixed price then waste removal will be itemised on that.

What happens if less time is needed than I booked?

Simple. We will only charge you for the time we are onsite. However if you have book one of our online deals then they are a package based on a reduced rate and therefore we have to charge for the full amount.